Virtual Machines

Confidential VMs are for tenants with high security and confidentiality requirements. These VMs provide a strong, hardware-enforced boundary to help meet your security and privacy needs without performance gaps. You can use confidential VMs for migrations without making changes to your code.

Confidential compute environments made simple

Quickly and easily spin up a confidential virtual machine. We take care of the confidential configuration, attestation and key provisioning.

Easy setup and maintenance

Set up the app within minutes, configure and manage it — all via a simple UI without technicalities.

Workload Isolation

Robust hardware-based isolation between virtual machines, hypervisor, and host management code.

Fast, reliable performance 

Negligible performance overhead thanks to hardware-graded encryption. 

VM Encryption

Throughout the runtime the VM is encrypted in memory while in use and at rest. 

Secure Boot

Dedicated virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) instance for attestation and protection of keys. 

Disc Encryption

Cloud-based Confidential OS disc encryption before the first boot. 

Choose the cloud of choice

Leave the complexity of installation and configuration to us. We handle the complexities.

See enclaived VMs in action

Watch a quick use case of how enclaive’s VMs protect your data while in use and accelerate cloud adoption in FinTech industries with Monty, Senior Confidential Compute Advocate at enclaive.

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