Unleash the Power of Confidential Cloud Computing

Craft, launch, and expand applications within Europe’s most fortified cloud ecosystem. Our secure compute environments ensure unparalleled confidentiality, shielding your data from prying eyes, even those of the cloud provider.

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If you can code it,
we can enclaive it

From serverless architecture, and Kubernetes clusters to Virtual Machines and everything in between, enclaive gives data and code the safest harbor by running any workload in the most confidential environments.

Managed Applications

Focus on growing your business. Choose from a portfolio of well-curated, confidential-by-default applications. Don’t waste time and precious business resources with application management. Just use them. 

Data-in-Use encrypting Databases

Hosting your customers’s data with data-in-use encryption has never been easier. Get the scalability, resiliency & flexibility you need to deliver an excellent customer experience and the trust customer data deserves. 

Confidential Kubernetes

Ready to scale? Deploy, manage, and scale your containerized applications. We’ll make sure your workload runs in the latest confidential Kubernetes environment. Private, hybrid, public or cross cloud with a single click.

Confidential Virtual Machines

The right instance to begin with. Create a high-performance backbone for your infrastructure, or control it when you need it most. And the good news is. You do not need to change your code.

Virtual HSM

Protect KMS and IAM with hardware graded security. Secret management and access control of users to workload in any environment has never been so simple. Decouple the trust from the cloud environment and embark with Vault and Nitride on the journey to the most complete and secure cloud ecosystem.

Confidential Compute Environments

Unlock access to the world’s confidential infrastructures

For the very first time infrastructure and application logic are separated. Leveraging confidential compute, data and code are isolated from the cloud infrastracture. 

CloudOps, DevOps, and FinOps embedded and out-of-the-box


Scale your business and not your billing. enclaive offers the best price/performance ratio on the market.

Confidential by default

All environments are confidential by design, leveraging cutting-edge hardware-graded security.


You don’t have to be a cloud native genius. With few clicks you configure the environment of choice.

Lowest price model

Compare between various cloud providers. We’ve got the infrastructure and price for you.

Simple invoicing

Automated invoices that clearly outline what you have used with no hidden costs. And for selected providers, we provide integration to your existing tenant.


Select the infrastructure of choice meeting the compliance requirements of your business and customers.

Choose the cloud
that fits your business

Cloud sovereignty

Dependency is the enemy of resilience. Customers want their workload hosted by different providers. Gain sovereignty with our multi-cloud infrastructure and avoid vendor lock-ins.

Customer data sovereignty

Make sure that you remain the owner of your data. Our environments act like vaults, shielding against any external or internal threats. Choose the right security, privacy & compliance with just a few clicks.

Regional data center

Every complete cloud ecosystem needs 100% reliability, which is why we provide access to data centers across the globe.

Bonus: We support major and regional cloud providers (such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, or Kraud) and continiously update the partner list.

Manage multiple confidential environments over various Clouds
with a few clicks

Ease of use

Get your confidential cloud with just a few clicks. The easy-to-use WebUI empowers you to configure, manage and deploy confidential environments within seconds, leaving out unnecessary complexities.

Control transparency

Obtain a full overview of all relevant technical, operational, and commercial information and decide where integration into your processes is needed. Keep full control of your cloud environment when opening the services for each of your business units.

Flexibility for your business

Use what you need only when you need it. This fully compliant confidential environment is specifically designed for your business.  It allows you to give your enterprise the flexibility and scalability it requires to become a market leader.

Empowering an inclusive community to help you go from start to scale

Find what you’re looking for

Introduction articles, getting-started articles, demo videos or research paper. We condensate the right know how in one place.

A community effort

Contribute directly to our blogs, or make a request for the use cases & tutorials you’d like to see.

Open-source projects

We are in love with open-source projects, making the world a bit better and safer. We support distinguished projects with sponsorships.

Special programs for
the businesses that need the
confidential cloud the most

Health & AI

Patient and health records require extra care and the safest storage. Learn how confidential compute environments simplify the life of Data Scientists.

Blockchain & FinTech

Off-chain applications (oracles) don’t benefit from blockchain security. Learn how confidential compute environments extend the security perimeter.

Public Sector

Digitalization of schools, universities, hospitals, and governmental institutes helps millions of people. Learn how enclaive can help IT teams in their transformation journey.

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