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Challenges in Cloud Secret Management are Costs, Control, and Vendor Lock-In

Cloud key management poses several challenges, including ensuring the secure generation, storage, and distribution of secrets across distributed environments. Additionally, addressing the potential risks associated with insider threats and unauthorized access to sensitive cryptographic keys can be complex.


Cost. Using cloud key management services often comes with costs, and these costs can grow as the number of keys and usage increases. Careful cost management is necessary.


Loss of Control. While cloud key management offers convenience, it can also lead to a loss of control over cryptographic keys. Trust in the provider’s security practices is essential. No system is entirely immune to security risks. Security breaches, insider threats, and vulnerabilities almost daily occur.


Vendor Lock-In. Many cloud providers offer their own key management services, potentially leading to vendor lock-in. Switching to a different cloud provider or on-premises solution can be complex if you’re heavily reliant on the provider’s key management service.

Empower Your Organization with Control Over Your Secrets, Anywhere.


Efficiently and swiftly adjust resource scaling, allowing it to flexibly accommodate fluctuating demands without the need for excessive resource allocation.

Multi Cloud Support

Vault is cloud-agnostic and can be deployed in various cloud environments or on-premises, making it suitable for hybrid, confidential and cross-cloud architectures.

Hardware graded Security

Establish trust in the hardware foundation by selecting either the CPU, TPM, HSM as the anchor and source of randomness.

Crypto Agile

Manage PK, EC and PQ ready cryptography in a way that allows for flexibility and adaptability to changing NIST/BSI/NATO cryptographic standards and crypto-analytical breakthroughs.

Safeguard Your Secrets and Workloads with Vault

Identity and Access Management

Identify users with authentication methods, ranging from username/password to SSO, integrate cloud platform IAMs (AWS, Azure, GCP), and instantiate workload and services with JSON web tokens. Define fine-grained access control based on roles or groups, assign users to specific roles, and grant privileges to secrets, resources and workload determined by the roles they hold

Key Management

Prevent credentials, certificates and keys from being exposed without slowing development and improve your organizational security posture. Access a range of NIST/BSI standardized PKCS, EC, PQ cryptographic algorithms, including. encryption, decryption, digital signatures, secure key management, and other cryptographic operations, that can be easily integrated into applications and systems. Create a Certificate Authority for an organization, issue, renew, and revoke digital certificates for various purposes, including SSL/TLS, email encryption and digital signatures, code signing, and document signing.

Secret (De-)Provisioning

Manage the keys that securely encrypted disc volumes. Simplify management of SSH keys. Refresh user passwords in SQL, NoSQL and vector databases, ranging from MariaDB, Postgres, MongoDB to Redis. Automate, encrypt, and manage all your Kubernetes secrets in one secure location. Connect third-party applications, end-points, and make cloud infrastructure securely accessible via Infrastracture-as-a-Code.

HSM support

Link the security of vault to a hardware security module, unseal vault secrets stored in physically protected storage, and generate entropy from a physical source of randomness.

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