Virtual HSM

Elevate Your Infrastructure, Unleash Crypto-Agility, Elasticity, and Cloud-Ready Security

Upgrade your infrastructure without the need for costly hardware investments. Enjoy the benefits of crypto-agility, elasticity, and cloud readiness for secret and workload identity management.

Operational costs, latency issues, and scalability challenges

HSMs are physical devices specifically designed to safeguard cryptographic keys and sensitive data. They offer a higher level of security compared to software-based solutions because they are tamper-resistant and physically protected. HSMs are not designed for the Cloud and Cloud Native Applications.


HSMs require ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and support, which can add to the total cost of ownership. Cloud-native applications are designed to optimize costs. The cost of HSMs may not align with the cost-efficiency goals of cloud-native development.


Cloud-native applications often aim for low-latency interactions and microservices architectures. Using physical HSMs can introduce additional latency, which may not be acceptable for some cloud-native use cases.


HSMs can have limitations in terms of flexible demand driven scalability. In cloud environments, scalability is a fundamental requirement, and adding more physical HSMs might not align with the scalability needs of cloud-native applications.

Combine hardware security with software agility

vHSMs deliver the same level of trust and security anchored in hardware with the benefit of shifting functionality into enclaves.


Easily and rapidly scale the resources up or down to meet changing demand. This ensures that the vHSM can adapt to varying needs without over-provisioning.


Vertical scalability involves increasing the capacity and power of a single machine, typically addressing high-performance needs. Horizontal scalability involves adding more vHSM instances to a system to handle increased load, addressing high-availability needs.


Trust Anchor

Root the trust in hardware by choosing the CPU, a TPM, HSM or Cloud HSM as anchor, verify the trusted code base with enclave’s confidential boot and attestation technology.


Leverage the “softness” of enclaved virtualization to add, update or remove features with the high pace needed today.


Cost Efficiency

Elasticity helps organizations optimize their spending. You pay for the resources you use, and you don’t need to provision for peak loads all the time. This can result in cost savings because you’re not maintaining and paying for resources that are underutilized during off-peak periods.

Faster Time-to-Market

Easily add new services or features without committing to long-term investments. You can quickly test and deploy new vHSM updates and adjust as simply as replacing a VM.


If a vHSM fails, the vHSM can quickly replace it with a new one cluster, maintaining service availability over different servers, data centers or cloud service providers. Encrypted storage is redundantly replicated and sealed to each vHSM instance.


Scalability enables the automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of resources based on real-time demand. When the vHSM experiences increased traffic or workloads, it can automatically add more computing resources (like virtual machines) to handle the load. When the demand decreases, the resources are scaled down to save costs.

Get started today with Vault and Nitride

Vault — Easily manage Secrets across Clouds

Step into the forefront of cross cloud key management. In the ever-changing landscape of modern business, where data extends across a multitude of cloud ecosystems, the protection of your sensitive information knows no bounds. Vault stands as your vigilant sentinel in this limitless digital realm. It empowers you with the ultimate authority to fortify, administer, and harmonize cryptographic keys and secrets across diverse cloud platforms, delivering centralized oversight and tranquility. Embrace with vault a future where secrets remain safeguarded, hidden from prying eyes, no matter where the workload resides. Embark on a journey to redefine data security and take command of your multi cloud strategy. Welcome to the next era in cross cloud key management.

Nitride — Empower the Confidential Cloud with the unified strength of Workload Identity and Access Management

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, where workloads are distributed across multiple cloud environments the need for robust identity and access management has never been greater. Our Workload Identity and Access Management solution is your compass in this complex journey. Nitride verifies the identity of confidential compute environments, allows the enforcement of access policies to authorize access to crucial services across diverse platforms, keeps immutable logs for auditing and reporting, granting you the control and visibility necessary to navigate this new era with confidence.  Welcome to a smarter, safer cloud computing tomorrow.

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